Semester 2, 2017

Comprehensive PSYC3013 Lecture/Exam Notes

40 pages

19,346 words




These notes contain a complete and comprehensive summary of all lecture notes, topics and tutorial notes discussed in the PSYC3013 course Semester 2, 2017. They are clearly formatted with headings, bullet points and pictures/diagrams that help to explain the complex topics within this course.

The topics include:
Reflectance, Colour & Lightness, Luminance, Specular Reflectance, Gloss, The Blind Spot, Signal Detection Theory, Touch, Vision, Applied Vision, Clinical Aspects and Multi-sensory perception.

I compiled these by taking notes on each lecture slide and going back over these while listening to the lectures to make sure no detail was missed. I achieved a high end distinction in the final exam using these notes.

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