Semester 1, 2018

PSYC231 Study Notes - Entire Semester

47 pages

9,700 words




A thorough overview of the entire subject, covering each weekly topic in order.

Quite long but all information is significant, very helpful and gave me a good mark in the final exam.

Organised by topic and includes diagrams/images which compliment the information.


- Personality Overview
- Sigmund Freud
- Alfred Adler
- Erik Erikson
- Albert Bandura and Learning Theories
- Martin Seligman and Learned Helplessness
- Julian Rotter and Locus of Control
- Walter Mischel
- Albert Ellis
- Carl Rogers
- George Kelly and Personal Construct Theory
- Gordon Allport and Trait Theories
- Abraham Maslow
- Raymond Cattell
- Hans Eynsenck
- The Big 3 and Big 5
- Basics of Genetics
- Genetics and Personality