My notes have been broken down into 6 main topics:
1) Jurisdiction to tax
2) GST
3) Fringe Benefit Tax
4) Income tax
5) Deductions
6) Taxation of companies
For Tax law, the different topics don't sit alone by itself. There is much interaction between the different topics, for example GST and FBT. In my notes, I have outlined the interactions between the different topics very clearly. So during exam, you won't need to flip the pages too much. The notes are all written in steps, so as long as you can correctly identify the topic the question is directed to, then you just need to follow the steps in the notes. I also transferred all the necessary legislation to the notes so you don't need to keep referring to the legislation textbook. It also outlines what case studies to quote for each topic.
I got H1 for this subject as it relatively easy to score.


Semester 1, 2018

60 pages

16,000 words



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