Semester 1, 2018

HD (91) Trusts Exam Templates

64 pages

21,823 words




Extremely exam friendly templates that are easy to navigate, with key phrases to secure that HD point. Colour-coded with symbols and tables to draw your attention in a time-pressured exam. Table of contents for each large topic included for quick issue-spotting; helpful and convenient during reading time. Precise and succinct. These notes achieved my HD score!

I spent many hours creating clear but detailed flow charts and diagrams, because it became vital to contextualise difficult concepts and see where each step led. Especially for topics such as Certainty of Object, Formalities and Right of Indemnity, a flow chart was very necessary to make sure I didn't miss a step that would impact the end result!

Topic List:
1. Certainty of Intention
2. Certainty of Subject Matter
3. Certainty of Object
4. Statutory Formalities
5. Constitution
6. Charitable Trusts
7. Quistclose Trusts
8. Trustees Duties
9. Defences and Limitations of Liability
10. Rights of Trustees
11. Rights of Beneficiaries
12. Remedies