These notes include information from the readings from every week. Covers content from weeks 1-12 (with information from first few weeks embedded throughout the notes and not in their own topics as they were more for introduction / background).

Notes include lots of examples as well as step by step explanations and illustrations regarding how to work out different equations.

Topics 8-17 covered (all examinable topics).
- Topic 8 (GST)
- Topic 9 (ordinary income)
- Topic 10 (exempt income and non-assessable non-exempt income)
- Topic 11 (general deductions)
- Topic 12 (provisions that deny or limit deductions)
- Topic 13 (capital allowances)
- Topic 14 (trading stock)
- Topic 15 (capital gains tax)
- Topic 16 (taxation of companies and shareholders)
- Topic 17 (superannuation)


Semester 2, 2017

63 pages

23,693 words


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