Semester 1, 2018

ACCT3708 Auditing and Assurance Services notes - Distinction Grade

48 pages

20,000 words




Comprehensive notes for ACCT3708. Content sourced from lecture slides (including notes from lecturer), prescribed text and industry knowledge.

These notes cover the below topics, as per the course outline:

1) Introduction to the Audit Function, Assurance Framework, Regulation of Audits and Auditors’ Legal Liability
2) Risk, Error and the Audit Process
3) Business Risk
4) Internal Controls I: Control Environment and Manual Controls
5) Internal Controls II: Internal Controls in an IT Environment
6) Internal Controls III: Tests of Controls and Communication with Management
7) Substantive Tests I: Audit Evidence, Test of Detail and Audit Sampling
8) Substantive Tests II: Test of Detail in IT Systems, Substantive Analytical Procedures, Subsequent Events and Going Concern
9) Using the Work of Others and Fraud
10) Audit Strategies
11) Audit Reporting
12) Other Assurance Services and Ethics




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