Semester 1, 2018

Intellectual Property Notes (HD - 85)

169 pages

62,422 words




I completed this unit in Trimester 1, 2018 at Deakin, Burwood. These notes are a compilation of lecture materials, cases, content from the study guide, legislation and questions, and were of a great help to me during the exam. I received a HD for the unit overall, receiving great marks in both the assignment and the exam. Whilst it can be a difficult unit due to the amount of content as well as being a level 4 subject, these notes should contain everything you need to get you through the semester very comfortably!

BONUS - I have also included thorough answer guides prepared by myself for past exam questions on the topics of copyright and designs overlap, as well as patents. The answer guides provided for the unit were quite limited, so these answer guides were a godsend in the exam!

Topics covered include (examinable topics only):

Topic 2 - Trademarks A
Topic 3 - Trademarks B
Topic 4 - Trademarks C
Topic 5 - Copyright A
Topic 6 - Copyright B
Topic 7 - Copyright C
Topic 8 - Patents A
Topic 9 - Patents B
Topic 10 - Patents C
Topic 11 - Registered Designs




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