The lectures and past exam questions in dot points combined and sectioned under headings with additional information. Also some tutorial based topics included Topics Include: Phase variation Pseudomonas aeruginosa Beta lactam antibiotics Live Vaccines LPS TTSS Pap Pili Type IV pili Iron Acquisition FUR Meningitis Vibrio Cholerae Emerging Infections Choline Binding Proteins CF Membrane proteins ABC transporters Type II Drug discovery Vaccines Innate defence Adaptive defence ROS and RNS OxyR Biofilm Quorum Sensing SSMP Mirobiome Invasion Complement Shigella Virus Malaria Shigella PhoP/PhoQ Persister cells Hydrogen peroxide PRRs Virus mechanisms Immunosupression Virus spread Malaria life cycle Staph Neisseria Tuberculosis


Semester 1, 2018

28 pages

8,304 words



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