Semester 1, 2018

IPCL notes - detailed and easy to follow

60 pages

35,869 words




These IPCL notes combines material from lectures and readings. The structure and logic is very clear for each topic thus easy to follow.
A detailed account of principles is contained in these notes, as well as key cases and statutes. Case summaries include facts, decision and principles. The key takeaways are all highlighted and colour-coded for clarity purpose. For some important cases, I have also included a one-sentence summary which is very useful in exams.
The sample note is a part on the topic of Topic 5(A) Priority Regimes. It demonstrates the overall quality of the notes.

Topic 1 - (A) The Concept and Function of “Property” and (B) Real Property - Introduction to Real Property
Topic 2: Personal Property - Introduction to Choses in Possession
Topic 3: Personal Property - Introduction to Choses in Action
Topic 4: Assignment and Disposition of Interests
Topic 5: (A) Priority Regimes and (B) Commercial Dealings as Security Interests Over Property