Autumn session, 2018

Full theoretical summary

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Corporate Finance is a theory heavy subject! We stuffed up the assignment so I had to prepare very detailed notes merging the material from the book into my lecture notes, checking against the slides. I scored 90% on the exam with the help of these notes and my friend studying from it got a D too!

You'll find it takes 2-3 days to read though, quite a lot of information on 45 pages!!

1. Fisher’s Separation Theorem and Capital Budgeting using the Net Present Value (NPV) Rule
2. Cost of Capital & Risk Analysis
3. Review of Options and Real Options
4. Efficient Capital Markets
5. Capital Structure: Tax, Costs of Financial Distress and the Trade-off Theory
6. Capital Structure: Additional Theories
7. Dividends & The Australian Imputation System
8. Corporate Financing
9. The Leveraged Firm: Valuation & Capital Budgeting
10: Takeovers (Mergers & Acquisitions)




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