Semester 2, 2017

BMED2404- Practice Questions (Lectures and Pracs)

155 pages

36,771 words




Isn’t it frustrating that there are not enough practice papers to revise the content? We have been there just like you and we know exactly how you feel!

That’s why the three of us decided to create our own bank of questions. It started as a way to help each other to revise the content, and by the end of the year we realized we have a powerful tool that we believe can help the future generations of BMED student to prepare for the exam.

The document is divided into lecture content and practical content. Each section contains multiple choice questions with answers and explanations. Plus, we added some short answer questions for you to practice. The document is very easy to use and contains a table of content that will allow you to easily navigate in this long document.

We believe that the best and the most efficient way to study this heavy content course is only by practice! This document contains more than 300 questions for you to test yourself and make sure you are prepared as much as possible to the real deal, the final exam!

In the preview document, you can see the table of content to see all the subjects and some examples of questions.

We wish you good luck !!




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