Semester 2, 2017


64 pages

64 words




There is no doubt that equity is one of the hardest law courses you will have to do during your law degree. I used these notes to receive an overall Distinction Mark (84 overall) in Equity as well as a HD in the mid-semester assignment (mid-sem mark of 88).

These notes have been comprehensively put together in a template format and are based on the substantive and policy topics covered in Equity and Trusts. My notes are all COLOUR CODED and NEATLY ORGANISED into different subsections, tables and headings. They also have MINI-PRACTISE QUESTIONS, DIAGRAMS and PICTURES integrated into the notes.

In these notes, I've scaffolded a TEMPLATE that can be used in both the mid-sem and final exam problem question. The scaffold contains the issues, rule (law) and then possible ways to apply the law (ie. applying the facts of the case). I have included blank spaces where it is appropriate to apply the facts.

There is also a summary of ALL policy issues covered in the course as well as some essay format templates on key areas (ie. sentencing) which appear every year.

Topics included:
- Creation of trust
- Formalities of trust
- Certainties for trust to exist
- Trustee powers and duties
- Defences to breaches
- Indemnification
- Assignment
- Fiduciaries
- Express Trusts
- Remedies
- Following / tracing
- Priorities
- Remedies
- Resulting trusts
- Constructive trusts
- Bars to relief

I hope these notes will be as useful to you as they were for me in Equity and Trusts. Having notes COLOUR CODED and NEATLY ORGANISED was a real asset in a time pressured exam.