Autumn session, 2018

Complete Real Property HD Notes (Autumn 2018 - Latest Content)

77 pages

31,917 words




Complete summary covering the entire Real Property subject from beginning to end, including ALL relevant authorities for assignments and final exam.

This summary incorporates notes from the required readings, additional readings, lecture slides and tutorials.

Real Property is a content-dense subject so a perfect, concise set of notes is exactly what you need to ace the subject!

- Tenure and Estates
- Indefeasibility
- Exceptions to Indefeasibility
- Other estates or interests recorded in the folio
- Fraud
- Omitted or misdescribed easements
- Omitted or misdescribed profits a prendre
- Wrong description of lots
- Short-term leases
- In personam
- Formalities
- Priorities
- Caveats
- Section 43A
- Mortgages
- Co-ownership
- Leases
- Easements
- Covenants