In order to learn I need to write things by hand, so I created this comprehensive set of functional anatomy activities. I absolutely credit this set of notes for my unit mark of 97%. They cover all examinable content and all the weekly notes, but deliver them in an interactive way so that you can learn and study for your tests simultaneously. They are organised under the following categories: Mini test 1 + 2 and Spotter 1 Mini test 3 and Spotter 2 They include a short section of additional notes for both the upper and lower limb, and then go on to include a series of tables that covers the following information: Joints Muscles Ligaments Actions Origins Insertions Arteries Nerves These notes include a set of completed tables to direct your learning. They include a blank set of tables so that you can test yourself. They also include a set of tables that I have filled out by hand so that you can see any information I've marked as being more important than others.


Semester 2, 2017

131 pages

6,500 words



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