These notes contain a detailed breakdown of the principles you will need to master each topic within the Torts Course, along with accessible and relevant case summaries. They are structured on the sub-topics of the Unit of Study Outline, ensuring that no rule or its exception is left unexplored. To aid your exam preparation, the document also contains a section of handy topic summaries which act as an exam scaffold, bringing together the steps and concepts necessary to answer problem questions. If you want an accessible, straightforward and comprehensive guide to Torts success, you've found it.

(Please ignore the 'error bookmark not defined' in the sample notes - this does not appear in the actual notes document)

Topics covered:
- Historical Background
- Trespass to the person
- Wilful Injury
- Trespass to Land
- Private Nuisance
- Privacy in Tort
- Defences to Intentional Torts
- Duty of Care
- Breach of Duty
- Causation and Remoteness
- Defences to Negligence
- Damage for Personal Injury
- Compensation to Third Parties


Semester 2, 2017

161 pages

66,724 words



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