Semester 2, 2017

Criminal Law Distinction Notes - Exam-Ready Issue Skeleton Flowchart Format, Compiled From Lectures and Multiple Textbooks

140 pages

62,000 words




These notes contain a detailed step-by-step guide to resolving every issue and sub-issue outlined in this Unit of Study. With a focus on exam readiness, these notes combine a succinct presentation of key principles with relevant case facts in a step-by-step format that saves you hours of working out complex issue hierarchies and case applications. The notes also offer my own essay plans, introductions and conclusions, which draw on a wide range of academic sources. Spend longer practicing questions and perfecting your assignments with the work of summarising, layout and research done for you.

The topics covered are:
- Scope and Principles of Criminal Law
- Elements of Criminal Law
- Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)
- Assault offences
- Larceny
- Extended criminal responsibility
- Extreme Provocation
- Self-Defence
- Duress and Necessity
- Unfitness to Plead
- Automatism
- Evidence of mental impairment