Semester 1, 2018

LAW4309 - Detailed Ethics Notes

90 pages

44,000 words




These notes include absolutely everything you need to know for this subject!! They show detailed 'step-by-step' process on how to answer exam questions and include all case facts.

Hundreds of hours went into these notes and I don't think you would be able to find better.

I completed the subject in Semester 1 2018 and obtained a score of 79.

The Topics Covered in these 'Ethics Notes' are:
- The Four Approaches to Ethics (including adversarial advocate, responsible lawyer etc.)
- Lawyers' Responsibilities (duties to the law, the court, overarching obligations, civil and criminal responsibilities)
- Specific Lawyer's Responsibilities (prosecution duties, defense duties, ADR duties)
- Lawyer's Duties to the Client (general confidentiality, lawyer-client confidentiality, client-client confidentiality, trust accounting, costs duties)
- Admission to Practice
- Sanctions (including the complaint procedure and exploring the different types of disciplinary breach)




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