I have taken detailed notes of all the prescribed readings from the Casebook (over 800 pages of prescribed reading for the course) and condensed it down into case summaries including all the key parts of the judgment, what the case stands as authority for, what to draw out of the case, and how to apply it on an exam. These notes go over EVERYTHING you need to know for the course, including guidance from the course convenor, additional Moodle readings, in-class debates and High Court opinions. Topics Include: Week 1: - Division of Powers; Introduction Week 2: - Ghosts of Engineers - The High Court and Interpretation - Different Interpretational Techniques Week 3: - Characterisation - Personality and Purpose of Laws Week 4: - External Affairs Powers - Implementing Treaties Week 5: - Trade and Commerce Power Week 6: - Corporations Power Week 7: - Race Power Week 8: - Taxation and Commerce Power Week 9: - Inconsistency of Laws Week 10: - Melbourne Corporation Principle - Freedom of Interstate Trade and Commerce Week 11: - Implied Freedoms Week 12: - Judicial vs Non-Judicial Detention


Semester 1, 2018

127 pages

29,189 words



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