Autumn session, 2018

70114 - Criminal Law and Procedure Condensed Exam Notes

19 pages

5,283 words




These condensed notes include information taken from seminars, various textbooks, authoritative cases, legislation and further online research compiled into an easily read format. All theoretical content is supported with an authoritative case/example.

These notes contain all the crimes and defences that are examinable in the final exam.

I consistently received Ds and HDs throughout the semester using these notes consistently as reference points. They will help you achieve your desired mark in Criminal Law and Procedure.

Assault: Common Assault
Assault: Aggravated Assaults
Sexual Assault
Property Offences: Larceny
Property Offences: Fraud
Homicide: Murder
Voluntary Manslaughter: Extreme Provocation; Substantial Impairment of the Mind
Involuntary Manslaughter: Unlawful and Dangerous Act; Assault Causing Death
Involuntary Manslaughter: Negligent Manslaughter
Attempt; Complicity: Joint Criminal Enterprise and Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise
Complicity: Accessorial Liability
Defences: Mental Illness; Automatism; Intoxication
Defences: Self-Defence; Necessity; Duress