Autumn session, 2018

70102 - Foundations of Law - D

73 pages

29,950 words




These extensive notes include information taken from seminars, various textbooks, prescribed readings/resources and further online research compiled into an easily read format. They contain relevant theoretical content, supported by authoritative cases and legal decisions to aid comprehension.

I consistently achieved Ds and HDs throughout the semester with these notes. They are particularly useful for the in class quizzes throughout the semester.
These notes can aid you to easily achieve your desired mark - with 73 thoroughly compiled pages, no topic is ignored!

Seminar 1: Introduction: Legal dispute analysis and introduction to research
Seminar 2: Overview of Australian legal system: Legal classification and categories the
important skill of critical thinking
Seminar 3: Development of Anglo-Australian law I: Colonisation to Federation
Seminar 4: Development of Anglo-Australian law II: Sovereignty to native title
Seminar 5: Critical Legal Theory I: Race, colonisation and law
Seminar 6: The Constitutional Framework I: Federalism
Seminar 7: The Constitutional Framework II: Separation of powers and democratic theory
Seminar 8: Legal Institutions and Processes I: Courts and tribunals Seminar 9: Judicial Decision-Making I: Common law, equity and precedent
Seminar 10: Judicial Decision-Making II: Ratio and basic elements of reading cases
Seminar 11: Legal Research I: Finding a case, using case citators.
Seminar 12: Judicial Decision-Making III: Case analysis, critical legal reasoning and writing a case note
Seminar 13: Critical Legal Theory II: Feminist legal theory
Seminar 14: Putting it into practice I: Revision class for writing your case note
Seminar 15: Legal Institutions and Processes II: Parliament and the making of legislation
Seminar 16: Legal research II: Finding legislation
Seminar 17: Statutory Interpretation I: Reading and navigating legislation and approaches to
statutory interpretation
Seminar 18: Statutory Interpretation II: Statutory interpretation skills
Seminar 19: Law in Practice I: Regulation and enforcement and the rule of law revisited
Seminar 20: Law in Practice II: The impact of technology
Seminar 21: Putting it into practice II: Revision for the statutory interpetation assessment task
combining legal knowledge, legal skills and critical thinking/analysis