Semester 1, 2018

Complete BIOL30004 Notes

133 pages

28,000 words




Comprehensive and In-Depth Summary Notes Covering:
- All Lecture Material
- All Case Case Studies
- All Practicals

Includes flow-charts, diagrams and summary tables which led to my success in the subject

All material examined on the quizzes and exams could be found in these notes in depth

Table of Contents
Week 1: Basis of Decision Making and Diagnostics
Week 2: Disease Containment
Week 3: Sensitivity and Specificity in Diagnostic Tests
Week 4: Introduction to Epidemiology
Week 5: Epidemiological Studies
Week 6: Zoonosis and Species Specificity
Week 7: Quality Management Systems and National Standards
Week 8: Critical Appraisal and Applications of Epidemiological Studies
Week 9: ELISA-based Diagnostics
Week 10: Transmission Involving Vector
Week 11: PCR-Based Diagnostic and Trends in Diagnostic
Week 12: Causative Agents and Biosecurity Assessments

Case Studies
Week 1: Using Tamiflu to Treat Canine Parvovirus
Week 3: Diagnostics for an Emerging Disease
Week 4: Shummerlands Outbreak
Week 6: Bacteriology
Week 7: Accreditation of Laboratories
Week 12: Kuru

Week 2: Containment of Infections
Week 9: ELISA-based diagnostics
Week 11: PCR




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