I used this exam script for the semester 1 2018 exam for Construction Law and I received a final grade of HD/86. I found these notes extremely useful as they're written in a way to easily implement into the exam. Beyond each individual ADR/DAP model explanation, I have also created different scenarios I.e. "If parties are cost conscious/If parties desire to maintain future relations" and have provided the most appropriate ADRs/DAPs for each scenario. TOPICS INCLUDED: - PRE-CONTRACT PHASE -- Potentials for Conflict/ High risk areas and solutions - CONSTRUCTION PHASE -- DISPUTE AVOIDANCE PROCESSES - Categories and Overview -- Dispute Resolution Boards -- Dispute Adjudication Avoidance Boards -- Dispute Resolution Advisor -- Combined Dispute Boards -- Independent Dispute Avoidance Panel -- ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTIONS - Categories and Overview -- Negotiation -- Mediation -- Senior Executive Appraisal -- Expert Determination -- Early Neutral Evaluation -- ADR Hybrids - Med-Arb - Arb-Med - Collaborative Settlement Process - POST-CONSTRUCTION PHASE -- Binding Dispute Resolution Systems -- Adjudication -- Arbitration -- Litigation Enjoy!


Semester 1, 2018

58 pages

30,239 words



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