Semester 1, 2018

Comprehensive and Extensive Notes Covering Tutorials, Lectures & Textbook Readings

133 pages

38,784 words




This is a comprehensive and Extensive set of notes for Public International Law that is updated and is made in line with the 2018 unit of study outline for this course. The notes include an in-depth analysis and summary of lectures, tutorials and both the mandated and optional weekly readings. These units are extremely helpful in both the mid-semester and final exam as they are both open book. The notes exhibit a table of contents that make the notes extremely convenient to use, especially during exams and tutorials. The notes also include a majority of cases listed in the unit of study outline, many of which are not found in the textbook.These notes helped me attain an overall mark of 83 in the unit. The topics included are listed below:

- Nature, Scope, and History of PIL
- Problems, Sources & Techniques of PIL
- Treaties
- International Law and Municipal Law
- International Legal Personality, Statehood & Recognition
- Title to territory
- Jurisdiction
- State Immunity I & II
- State Responsibility I & II
- The use of Force
- Peaceful Settlement of Disputes




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