These notes cover all lecture and reading materials from the recently changed UTS Real Property syllabus and are therefore up to date with the new 2018 syllabus.

These notes cover:
1. All topics from the first half of the semester (Tenure, Estates and Native Title to the Torrens Title System) and are useful for the online quiz and problem question.

2. All topics from second half of the semester:
These notes are highly useful for the exam; there is a checklist/summary of all concepts for each topic. Each of these topics are tabulated into sub-topics and some include a step-by-step process on the elements required to satisfy particular rules.

All facts, issues, judgments and principles of each case marked with an asterisk(*) in the subject outline are included.

These notes will help grasp and understand difficult topics and ensure that no important legislative elements/cases are missed when answering problem solving questions.


Autumn session, 2018

70 pages

28,773 words



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