Planning and writing practise questions is always a super useful way to prepare for this exam given that the exam is comprised of 3 essays on content covered from weeks 1-12. These 18 practise self-formulated questions are a great way to test your knowledge, as well as practise linking 2 or more topics together. By practising this beforehand, you are likely to feel much more confident and prepared going into the final exam. Whether you choose to just plan, or write each essay in full, this is a fantastic and really important tool to ensure that you succeed! Topic List: HRM Models and Theories (Part 1 and 2) HRM Perspectives and Critiques Managing Diversity and Employee Wellbeing HR in Context - The Law Work Design and Challenges in a Global Environment HR Planning in a Diverse Environment Attracting and Selecting Talent Managing Performance Retaining and Developing Talent Strategic Reward Management


Semester 1, 2018

18 pages

350 words



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