The exam requires you to draw upon relevant examples to support your arguments in your essay response. Throughout the duration of the semester, each week, real life examples were discussed and shared both in lectures and tutorials. This example table formats these real life examples comprehensively and concisely, ready for you to learn and subsequently use in your final exam essays to ensure you achieve the best results possible! The table is formatted based on the relevant weeks/topics, the examples and any relevant readings for each week. This table saves you going through your notes to find examples manually!! Topic List: HRM Models and Theories (Part 1 and 2) HRM Perspectives and Critiques Managing Diversity and Employee Wellbeing HR in Context - The Law Work Design and Challenges in a Global Environment HR Planning in a Diverse Environment Attracting and Selecting Talent Managing Performance Retaining and Developing Talent Strategic Reward Management


Semester 1, 2018

3 pages

509 words



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