This table is your one stop shop to find all key significant quotes necessary to be used in the final exam as supporting evidence for your essays. This means you don't need to go back and read each reading, instead it is available to you in a comprehensive and concise form. This table not only provides you with several quotes, but it does so according to each of the weekly readings from Weeks 1-12. This is extremely useful for revision and is pivotal for the completion of practise exams to an HD standard. The stronger your knowledge of important quotes, the higher your performance will be in the final exam. Topic List: HRM Models and Theories (Part 1 and 2) HRM Perspectives and Critiques Managing Diversity and Employee Wellbeing HR in Context - The Law Work Design and Challenges in a Global Environment HR Planning in a Diverse Environment Attracting and Selecting Talent Managing Performance Retaining and Developing Talent Strategic Reward Management


Semester 1, 2018

6 pages

2,150 words



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