Semester 1, 2018

H1 (96%) Comprehensive Lecture + Tutorial Notes

83 pages

17,008 words




- Includes chronological notes for all 12 weeks, including guest forums held (forum topic may vary year to year but information is relevant to other course material)

- Include all information from tutorial readings and main points covered during tutorials

- List of all lecture topics covered: The Great Acceleration (Population Growth), Climate change & Food Security, Limiting/Declining Water Supply, Green Revolution, Biofuels, Urbanization, Food Choices, Food Environment, Climate Change & Impacts of Food Production, Food Security, Food & Nutrition, Micronutrients & Bioactive Compounds, Food for Optimal Health, Evolution of Obesity, Economic Perspectives on Global Food-related Issues, Food Insecurity, Theories of Famine, Genetically-modified foods, Sustainable City Region Food Systems, Adverse Reactions to Food, Designing Food for Taste & Health, Chocolate & Coffee.

- Forum topics covered: Sports Nutrition, How the Consumer Shapes the Food Industry, The Politics of Obesity




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