Semester 1, 2018

First Principles of Business Law Exam Cheat Sheet H1 (A4 double-sided)

2 pages

7,255 words




Very comprehensive cheat sheet which contains ALL examinable cases (as outlined in the Reading Guide, not the lectures as they do not examine all lecture material) on one page, and important terminology, concepts and principles on the other page.

Concepts as covered in lectures included in cheat sheet:
Week 1 - The organisation of law and government in Australia
Week 2 - Sources of law: legislation
Week 3 - Sources of law: case law
Week 4 - Contract formation
Week 5 - The terms of a contract
Week 6 - Performance and breach of contract
Week 7 - Remedies for breach of contract
Week 8 - Circumstances that may invalidate a legal transaction (Vitiating factors)
Week 9 - Statutory protection against unethical conduct (The Australian Consumer Law)
Week 10 - Tort law
Week 11 - The law of agency: the basics (Property law NOT EXAMINABLE)
Week 12 - Revision

Again, ALL examinable cases have been included in the cheat sheet. I received an H1 for this subject.




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