Autumn session, 2018

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Notes

68 pages

20,165 words



The notes include my own interpretation of the lecture notes broken down into subheadings with various diagrams and tables consisting of important values, detailed information based on the tutorials and additional notes based on what was relevant.

The topics covered in the subject were:
- Introduction to nutrition
- Ways to evaluate nutritional status
- Methods of dietary assessment
- Current nutrition policies, systems, and guidelines
- Food sources and role of micronutrients and macronutrients in the aetiology of chronic diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer
- Nutrition requirements across the various stages of the lifecycle
- Eating patterns of vulnerable groups at risk of food insecurity
- Principles in the community and public health nutrition
- Interpretation of food labels, nutrition information panels, and nutrition claims

The subject didn’t have any required textbooks. All readings were part of the lectures itself. The subject consisted of attending a 1-hour lecture per week with a 2-hour tutorial right after (combined together in one class). The subject ran over a period of 12 weeks with a revision lesson in the last week before the examination period.

Overall, the subject is genuinely interesting as it builds upon prior knowledge or common sense in general. The content given is all that is required to know and is easy to understand. The content is heavy in terms of remembering specific numbers, such as the recommended amount of a certain vitamin or mineral, but again these are revisited constantly throughout the semester and you will gradually get a grasp of the content with no difficulties.

Hope you find the notes interesting and useful!




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