Notes covering the ENTIRE LAWS1022 final exam. Received a High Distinction with a final mark of 85 for this course. Covers ALL final exam topics including: Homicide Offences (Murder, Constructive Murder, Manslaughter, Corporate Homicide, Homicide by Omission) Sexual Offences (Sexual Assault, Indecent Assault, Act of Indecency) Assault Offences (Common Assault, Aggravated Assault) Domestic Violence and Patterns of Victimisation Property Offences (Dishonest Acquisition, Larceny, Fraud) Defences (Mental Illness, Automatism, Substantial Impairment, Infanticide, Intoxication, Provocation, Self-Defence, Necessity) Extensions of Criminal Liability (Joint Criminal Enterprise, Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise, Accessorial Liability, Innocent Agency and Accessory After the Fact, Conspiracy, Criminalisation of Association, Status Offences)


Semester 2, 2017

77 pages

41,996 words



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