For the thoroughly enjoyable and informative ECON311 unit, these comprehensive study notes are based on Lecture notes, Tutorial exercises and Homework questions as well as a detailed summary of all relevant textbook material.

With the right notes and preparation, you can perform well in ECON311 unit across the assignments and exams throughout the semester.

My notes cover all difficult questions that can be covered within the unit as well as providing accurate accurate diagrams for the topics of Exchange Rates, Interest Rate Policy Decisions, the AD-AS Model and the Solow Growth Model.

As a general overview, topics included are: Trends and Macroeconomic Cycles, Short-Run Fluctuations in Economic Activity, Contemporary Monetary Policy, the GFC, DSGE Models, Fiscal Policy, Exchange Rate Regimes and Economic Growth with the Solow and Romer models.

Good Luck!


Semester 1, 2018

155 pages

19,492 words



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