For the thoroughly enjoyable and informative ECON334 unit, these comprehensive study notes are based on Lecture notes, Tutorial exercises and and challenging Homework questions.

With the right notes and preparation, you can perform well in the difficult ECON334 across the many the assignments and exams throughout the semester.

My notes cover all difficult questions that can be covered within the 13 week semester as well as providing accurate steps and explanations to using the critical software Eviews and interpreting the output.

Topics include: Multiple Linear Regression Model, Time Series Models, Forecasting and Modelling Volatility, Specification of the ARCH and GARCH models, Trends and Asset Price Bubbles and Long-Run Relationships in Finance.

As a sweetner, I've even included the cheat sheet that we were able to use in the mid semester and final exam.

Good luck!


Semester 1, 2018

119 pages

12,104 words



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