Semester 2, 2016

LAWS1012 Notes - Commentary, Summarised Readings, Lecture Notes and Scaffolds

18 pages

17,331 words



Historical development/trespass/action on the case[1]
Trespass to the person/Heads of damages and remedies: Battery, assault and false imprisonment[2]
Wilkinson and Downton wilful infliction of psychiatric injury[3]
Trespass: land, underground and airspace[4]
Nuisance/Invasion of Privacy[5]
Defences to intentional torts[6]
Duty of care/Established categories table[7]
Duty of care/Psychiatric injury[8]
Breach of duty[9]
Damage in personal injury cases: Causation: Remoteness and Scope of liability[10/11]
Defences to negligence[12]
Assessment of Damages for personal injury[13]
Compensation to third parties: injured, deceased, survival claims[14]
Template to answering a problem question in exam.[15/17]