Autumn session, 2018

2018 Asian Law and Legal Systems Notes (HIGH DISTINCTION, 85)

114 pages

44,868 words




- All readings covered for every topic
- All key cases

These notes are useful for:
- the Essay + Essay Review
- Discussion Board Posts/Replies (See sample notes - I have written summary discussion board posts for each topic for you to use and have a placed them in a box!)
- Reflective Journal

Asian Law and Legal Systems is a distance unit so there is no requirement to attend class. Many students tend to fall behind in this subject because it is a distance unit. My notes contain every summarised reading for you to post on the discussion board so that you will get full marks (NOTE: The tutor deducts marks if your posts are not in a timely manner and cp is worth 30%).

I received a mark of 85 for this subject.