Semester 1, 2018

BLAW Exam Cheet Sheet - H1 Sem 1, 2018

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BLAW Exam Cheet Sheet

Achieved a H1 in BLAW (Semester 1, 2018) thanks to this cheet sheet which I spent many hours preparing

Includes information regarding all examinable cases as well as the following topics covered in lectures:

Legislative process
Interpreting legislation
Civil litigation process
Ways judges can make law
Victorian & Commonwealth Court Hierarchies
Law report citations
Capacity to enter contracts
Elements of contract formation
Ways terms form part of a contract
Terms in contracts that exclude/limit liability
Proving terms of a contract
Statements made during negotiations
Types of terms
Factors that excuse a party from performing their obligations
Types of breaches (+ remedies available for these breaches)
Types of remedies
Vitiating circumstances
Tort law
Types of authority




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