Attached are comprehensive notes for the subject '16265 - Construction Technology 2', detailing all topics in the lectures. As there is no textbook for this subject, these notes can be helpful for study material for this subject as it contains relevant content, diagrams as well as examples in a clearly formatted document. Lectures 1-10 had been covered, following the identical structure of the subject outline, the topics listed below: - Building Types, Regulation, Materials Handling - Excavation, Shoring, Dewatering and Soil Remediation - Excavation, Remediation and Associated Work - Concrete Masonry Consturction - Basement Construction - Fire and Sound Resisting Construction in Multi-Residential Buildings - Suspended Concrete Slabs - Brickwork/Masonry - Roof and Balcony Waterproofing


Spring session, 2017

96 pages

12,864 words



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