Semester 1, 2018

EDGU1003 Comprehensive Notes

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This subject has 4 multiple choice quizzes worth 15% each. These notes are very detailed, containing all content covered in the 12 lectures. Some quiz questions do not come directly from lectures; thus I have incorporated the actual quiz answer content to assist you in finding the missing answers you need. Use control + f to search this PDF. I received a HD (86) with the help of these notes.

Topics include:
Nutrition education and food education models, Australian food culture, Food components, Digestion, Vitamins and minerals, Nutrition campaigns, Measures of health, Chronic disease, Gut microbiome, Life cycle nutrition, Types of diets, Dietary problems, Healthy eating practices, Additives and preservatives, Food labelling, Starvation and Malnutrition, Eating disorders, Nutrition myths, Exam nutrition, Sports nutrition




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