Semester 1, 2018

Complete Notes for BLAW20001 Corporate Law

38 pages

10,874 words



Includes detailed explanations that deliver all essence from lectures and textbook readings throughout the semester. Some Chinese annotations and color codes, which separate statutory legislations from general law cases, are used to prompt insightful study. Well-organised with headings and subheadings by weekly content.

Topic list:
Week 1 - Introduction to the subject
Week 2 - Business planning, constituting to companies
Week 3 - Decision making in companies
Week 4 - Member meetings and decision-making
Week 5 - Transacting by companies
Week 6 - Company directors' and officers' duties
Week 7 - Dividends, good faith and proper purpose
Week 8 - Duty to avoid conflicts of interest
Week 9 - Shares and capital maintenance
Week 10 - Reporting and disclosure
Week 11 - Consequence of breach of duty, members' remedies