Notes consisting of
- pp 1-50: rule notes following the steps in civil proceedings (with table of contents)
- pp 51-67: through case notes (with table of contents)

Rule Notes: concise and step-by-step response to exam questions covering (1) definitions, (2) cases, (3) statutory and disciplinary rules, and (4) prescribed readings including Banford and subject material (both of which I read throughout and made thorough notes) in the following topics:

- Obligations to the court
- Pre-litigation requirements
- Commencing litigation: procedural
- Commencing litigation: substantive
- Court-annexed ADR
- Costs
- Class actions
- Case management
- Pre-trial termination of proceedings
- Gathering evidence
- Appeal
- Enforcement of judgment

Useful in hypos as well as essay questions, in terms of both issue spotting and response. Fully indexed with bookmarks, therefore easy to navigate from pre-litigation to post-trial stages. Reference is made to Case Notes (in pp 51-67) where more thorough reading of the prescribed cases is provided.

Case Notes: with necessary statement of facts, one-liner summary of case significance, and precise reference to paragraph numbers and rule sections covering the following themes:

- Overarching obligations
- Genuine steps to resolve a dispute
- Preliminary discovery
- Estoppel
- Pleadings
- Injunctions
- Costs and Calderbank letters
- Class action
- Case management
- Summary judgment

Combination of the two Notes gave me H1 in the 2017 Dispute Resolution (LAWS50027, predecessor of Disputes and Ethics) exam.
[NB: the Exam Notes I am listing for DR is the same as here]


Semester 1, 2017

67 pages

27,990 words



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