Notes include weeks 1-12 lectures and include notes from the assigned readings of the textbook. Relevant weeks and chapters are clearly displayed. Tutorial material is included where appropriate.


Week 1, Chapter 1 to 3: Evidence-based management and communication theory
Week 2, Chapter 10: Finding and applying for a job
Week 3, Chapter 5: Interviews and persuasive presentations
Week 4, Chapter 6: Communication in leadership
Week 5, Chapter 7: Power and politics
Week 6, Chapter 2 and 4: Effective business writing
Week 7, Chapter 8: Negotiation and conflict management
Week 8, Chapter 9: Delivering bad news: Apologies and service recovery strategies
Week 9: External Readings on The role of emotions in communication (Notes included)
Week 10: External Readings on Strategic Communication (Notes included)
Week 11, Chapter 11: Inter-cultural communication
Week 12: Review (Notes included)


Semester 1, 2018

22 pages

12,750 words



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