Semester 1, 2016

HD Criminal Law & Procedure Exam Notes (GRADE: 80)

130 pages

58,000 words




Course notes for the WHOLE course (2016, Semester 1), catered towards all assessments including:
(1) the mid-sem test;
(2) the moot; and
(3) the final exam

Topics 1-11: Detailed exam notes with case summaries included. (I used these exams in my exam and they helped me obtain a HD, they are extremely detailed but cover everything you need to know to sit the exam, they also contain all sections from the Crimes Act and all relevant cases)

Topic 1: Introduction to Criminal Law
Topic 2: Murder and Attempt
Topic 3: Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter
Topic 4: Sexual Offences
Topic 5: Property Offences
Topic 6: Criminal Law and Procedure
Topic 7: Search, Seizure, Forensic Procedures, Finger Printing & Identification Evidence
Topic 8: Police Questioning and Bail
Topic 9: Sentencing
Topic 10: Assault and Related Offences
Topic 11: Commencement of Criminal Proceedings, The Machinery of Prosecution, The Trial Process and Defence Pleadings




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