Semester 1, 2018

[HD 2018] Full Course Notes AND Exam Guide - LAWS1021

181 pages

79,929 words




This is a comprehensive set of notes covering the readings from EVERY week in detail (148 pages). This includes ALL cases and academic articles, summarised and analysed, ready to be used in an essay or problem question.

They are organised according to the weekly headings, so getting class participation marks should be a breeze.

Tables, clear subheadings and bolded keywords make information easy to find in class and in the exam room.

These notes ALSO include a complete PROBLEMS GUIDE (32 pages), which will be INVALUABLE when the final exam comes around. This extra set of notes covers every possible offence category that could be presented in the final. It breaks down the various required mens rea and actus reus components for each offence, burden of proof, relevant case ratios, relevant legislation, etc. This will be all you need for the problem question.

These notes are updated for 2018, so include all of the latest readings and cases, and none of the content that has been removed.