Semester 2, 2017

Criminal Law and Procedure - Exam Checklist (H1 - 82 mark)

20 pages

7,604 words




About the notes:
- These notes outline the steps needed to answer part A of the criminal law exam. I created this checklist and used it in my exam and it was all I needed. I include the key legislative provisions as well as the theoretical underpinnings of each section.
- The notes are organised by 'steps' to guide you through answering the hypo question.

About me:
- I am a third year law student with a high H1 average.
- I have received several prizes for my academic achievements, including a scholarship covering the full tuition of my law degree, for placing as one of the top 2 students during my first year at law school.
- I was a STS tutor.
- I have been successful in securing numerous clerkships at top tier firms.
- I have a graduate job lined-up at a top tier international firm.

Topics covered in the notes:
- Interpretation of offence provisions (language, context, purpose, ways to read criminal law)
- Identification of physical and fault elements (results, conduct etc.)
- Physical elements which are results
- Policing choices
- Prosecutorial choices
- Regulatory choices
- Sentencing