Semester 2, 2017

Corporations Law - Exam Notes and Hypo Structures (H1-86 mark)

58 pages

31,239 words




About the notes:
- These are complete exam notes for the Corporations Law exam. The notes are structured by topic and contain hypo structures for all the major topics discussed in the subject.
- The notes also include the legislative provisions, annotated and weaved into the notes for easy access and orientation.
- The notes include summaries of all cases discussed in class, with each section including a short summary and key take-aways from all cases relevant to a topic.

I got a good H1 with these notes and hope they help you too :)

About me:
- I am a third year law student with a high H1 average.
- I have received several prizes for my academic achievements, including a scholarship covering the full tuition of my law degree, for placing as one of the top 2 students during my first year at law school.
- I was a STS tutor.
- I have been successful in securing numerous clerkships at top tier firms.
- I have a graduate job lined-up at a top tier international firm.

Topics covered in the notes:
- Who owes duties
- De facto, shadow directors, officers and appointed directors definitions
- Duty of good faith
- Duty to act for a proper purpose
- Duty of care
- Defence of reliance
- Defence of delegation
- Business judgment rule
- Duties of loyalty (misuse of position, misuse of information)
- Conflicts of interest
- Ch2E Financial benefits to related parties
- Shareholder actions
- Corporate liability
- Payments: shares, reduction of capital and dividends
- Financial assistance
- Managing companies
- Insolvent trading