Semester 2, 2016

Constitutional Law Notes, Summaries & Flow Charts

64 pages

23,919 words




These notes provide succinct summaries of both the cases and principles of Australian constitutional law. They also include flow-charts which are especially useful in the Final Exam, on topics ranging from Implied Freedom proportionality testing to Constitutional Amendment.

Topics Covered:
1. State Legislative Power
2. Constitutional Amendment
3. Separation of Commonwealth Judicial Powers
4. Separation of State Judicial Powers
5. The Executive
6. Constitutional Interpretation & Characterisation
7. Trade, Commerce & Incidental Powers
8. Corporations Power
9. External Affairs Power
10. Inconsistency
11. Implied Freedom of Political Communication

These notes are ideal whether you are using them as a basis for your weekly lessons, or planning to utilise them in your exam. I also offer tutoring for Constitutional Law and find these notes make a remarkable difference to comprehension of a naturally difficult subject.




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