Semester 2, 2016

Contract Law B Exam Notes (Summary)

54 pages

20,036 words




You can use this as a concise summary of all the cases and important provisions to consider, which I viewed as being more effective in an exam for Contract Law. It left me with more time to apply the cases and use an "analogy" approach. I achieved 81% in this subject.

Topics are in weekly order.

Week 1: Misrepresentation
Week 2: Mistake
Week 3: Duress and undue influence
Week 4: Unconscionability
Week 5: Privity of contract and third parties
Week 6: Exclusion clauses and statutory unconscionability
Week 7/8: Misleading and deceptive conduct under the common law and the ACL regime
Week 9: Unfair contractual terms and other important provisions
Week 10: Consumer Guarantees