Semester 2, 2017

Trusts Exam Notes

66 pages

26,766 words




These are the 66 page notes I made for my final trusts exam. I'm quite a visual learner so they're quite colourful/use quite a few tables etc. which was helpful for me and I hope would help you too! They cover the following topics:
- Introduction and Classification of Trusts
- Certainty of intention
- Certainty of Subject Matter
- Certainty of Object
- Charitable Trusts
- Statutory Writing Formalities
- Constituting the Trust
- Quistclose Trusts
- Duties and Powers of Trustees
- Duty to act with reasonable prudence and investing
- exercise of power or discretion
- defences and limitations on liability
- rights of trustees: ROI
- Rights of trustees: right to approach the court/seek directions
- rights of beneficiaries
- remedies for breach of trust




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