Semester 2, 2016

Real Property Law (Complete)

136 pages

37,364 words




Achieved 90% for the subject. I only lost two marks in the exam. A friend of mine used my notes Semester 2, 2017 and also received a high mark - 88%. Another received 81%.

My notes are comprehensive. It includes absolutely everything - including obiter in cases if a tricky question comes up. I have step-by-step guides, case summaries with diagrams and easy to follow headings. I also have a lot of "indicators" of specific factors to point you in the right direction to see, for example, whether the doctrine of specific performance is applicable. If topics overlap, I have notes to say "see also (x) page" so you can link ideas and concepts if necessary. Last but not least, there are also "exam format" and "conclusion" sub-headings so you can write a concept in a concise way for the exam and will never forget to have a conclusion! You can view this in the sample PDF above.

NB. I also tutor in this subject and will be happy to help.

Week 1/2 - Introduction to the Torrens System and Land Title Registration
Week 2/3 - Estoppel
Week 5 - Mortgages
Week 6 - Easements & Profits a Pendre
Week 7/8/9 - Indefeasibility
week 10 - Conflicts between unregistered interests
Week 11 - Co-ownership
Week 12 - Co-ownership and indefeasibility