Full Semester range of Notes needed for the Final Pols1002 Exam (short and long answer) - relevant Definitions - answers to "state the significance question" for all definitions -topics covered: Median voter Cadre Party Collective Action Gerrymandering Free Riders Dictatorship Sovereignty Security Dilemma Political Parties Authoritarianism Judicial independence Mass Party Totalitarianism Individual Ministerial Responsibility Public Good Proportional Representation Liberal Democracy Federalism Collective Ministerial Responsibility Prisoner’s dilemma Party systems Rule of Law Long Answers (Compare and Contrast): Exit, voice, and loyalty Majoritarian vs. PR electoral systems MAD v NUTS Advantages and disadvantages of federalism Gerrymandering v. malapportionment Prime Minister v Presidential systems Median voter theorem vs. agenda setting State v nation 3 Theoretical approaches to studying parliament Colour Coded :)


Semester 1, 2018

13 pages

4,475 words



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